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Analysis of motorbike daily use faults and repair ideas(2)

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Second, when driving off the engine

I do not know whether you encounter when you ride in their own car shuttle in the city streets, is the spring is pleased when the vehicle suddenly stalled, I have encountered. 

This situation you do not panic, there are two common causes, named the oil circuit, said general, but the method is not difficult. The common problem is that the atmospheric pressure balance hole of the fuel tank cover is blocked, (the carbon tank of the national car, the overturning valve is blocked) so that the fuel tank forms a vacuum, the oil fails to enter the carburetor, at this time, as long as the fuel tank cover is opened for a few seconds in the start to see if it can start? 

That is, to find the problem point, the fuel tank cover hole with high-pressure air blowing or use wire to unclog can; can not, on the suspicion that the oil is pure, such as: oil has water, oil scale blocking carburetor, then you can loosen the carburetor oil release bolts, in with a screwdriver slightly knock carburetor float chamber, so that the oil scale blockage can be discharged, if the problem point to find, not solved, then check the circuit to see whether the vehicle electrical instrumentation is normal, if normal, check the ignition coil is normal, if the ignition coil is normal, if the ignition coil is normal, then check the ignition coil is normal. 

If normal check the ignition coil whether there is out of fire, pay attention to test fire when the hand away from the fire point, test fire point is generally selected in the spark plug, there is fire on the exclusion of electrical failure, on the temporary consideration for the engine spark plug and other issues, (currently just say emergency treatment, so did not say how to check engine aspects). If there is no fire look at the engine plug and ignition coil plug is loose? There, the problem is eliminated; no, only the car into the "hospital".


Three, winter starting difficulties

Many riders the most direct experience is to pay attention to the cold to keep warm, but in addition to their own protection whether to pay attention to the "good horse" has changed, whenever the morning ready to ride to work, the car is difficult to start, need to electric start pull the wind door, or use the foot pedal, if still can not start first do not turn on the power, directly with the foot If you still can't start the car, don't turn on the power first, just use your foot for a while to let the combustible mixture become thicker and then turn on the main lock to start, it takes a while to start. 

The reason for this phenomenon is that the vehicle carburetor and the cylinder body of cold air into water mist, thus causing the mixture of water and difficult to start, to water mist in the cylinder of high temperature and pressure slowly evaporate and combustible mixture concentration is up to standard to start, if the plateau air thin area, the need to change the main amount of hole to small, followed by the need to adjust the mixing ratio, the above is for the vehicle parts qualified, if the engine The above is for the vehicle parts qualified, if the engine block has air leakage, electrical parts have a fault, etc. is not suitable.

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