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Analysis of motorbike daily use faults and repair ideas(1)

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Motorbikes are already the most familiar form of transport, and although cars have entered people's homes, motorbikes still occupy a pivotal position in China's current transport system.


I. Electric start does not start

We use electric start every time we ride a motorbike, and rarely use our feet first. Older riders should have encountered the following problems: when you press electric start, you either hear the relay "squeak" and the motor doesn't turn, or the motor turns but slowly, or the motor turns but doesn't start. 

This problem is due to the battery power loss, if you only hear the "squeak" sound, it means that the battery power is seriously insufficient, because the motor to start a larger current, the battery voltage is insufficient and the current becomes small simply can not start the motor, the motor will not turn, the latter two phenomena belong to the battery is a sub-loss state, although the motor can start but can not make the above situation should check whether the battery has enough electrolyte, if it is not enough, you can add distilled water and battery liquid, still can not solve the problem, then consider replacing the battery. 

The battery and other electrical appliances are normal, is to press the start button various parts of the non-response, at this time may be the electric start switch, diode or relay, motor damage, how to quickly determine where out of the problem, because different models of inspection methods are slightly different. 


This time on the factory bending beam car as an example, in general, the wire is not easy to get out of the problem, it is just a loose connection, receding piece, oxidation caused by insulation, this is good to check, here is mainly to say how to find out the problem point, hang a neutral gear, support the main bracket to prevent the electric start vehicle forward, with a multimeter (adjusted to voltage V gear 20V at) one end connected to the relay combination connector one of the lines, the other end contact the frame If the meter reads around 12V, it means that the relay is connected to the power supply, if there is no reading, the multimeter connector at the combination connector will be changed to another connector line, if it is connected, it means that the power supply is normal, if not, it needs to be connected to the power supply. 

In the case of power into the case we use a wire into the power supply next to the wire and frame contact, at this time the motor does not start that is, the relay failure, replace can, if the motor start to exclude relay failure, is the electric start switch at the problem, butt switch plug, the motor start that is switch damage.

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