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10 Motorcycle Tools That You Must Have

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Many cyclists will try to do simple repairs or clean maintenance by themselves, but they need some tools to help them complete the whole process more smoothly. What tools do you have to prepare?

Manual of Original Plant Maintenance

Buy an original maintenance manual to make your motorcycle more professional whether disassembled or assembled. It also reminds you that special agents must be used in some parts so that you can prepare these tools before disassembling, so that the engine will not stop half because there is no tool to use. It's quite necessary to turn over the maintenance manuals so that you can learn more professional skills!

Torsion Planner

Today's motorcycles are quite different from previous motorcycles. The torsion value of the screw locks is more rigorous. When you disassemble your motorcycles and reassemble them, if you can assemble them according to the values provided in the maintenance manual and use the torsion board hand, you will find that your motorcycles are particularly solid and more comfortable to ride.


Pivot Tool

Pivot tool is a multi-purpose front axle tool, it has various sizes to correspond to different models, a tool can be used to complete all models, so buy a spare, no matter what car you change in the future can be used!

Brake Oil Vacuum Attractor

Vacuum hydraulic pipeline air release tools used to be luxury goods, but with the increasing number of motorcycles equipped with ABS brake system, it is necessary to have a set of such tools, which can not only save you time to replace brake oil, but also ensure that there is no air residue in the brake pipeline.

Chain Cutter

Most motorcycles are manufactured without quick detachment, so when you want to change the chain, you have to destroy its chain before you can replace it. New chains also need to be cut to fit the length of the car to install. Some chains are equipped with quick detachment and some chains are rivets. So you need a set of chain tools to help you complete the above projects.


The most basic of the ammeter can be used to test the battery voltage, current, or check the short circuit of the wire. Basically, it can measure DC, AC voltage, resistance is enough.

Cable Oiler

Although the price of cable injectors is not very expensive, they play a very important role in lubricating motorcycle cables. You just need to fix the tool to the top of the cables, then inject lubricant, until the other end of the cables bubbles. This small action can not only prolong the service life of the cables, but also smooth the operation.

Electric Tools

Electric tools can save you a lot of time and energy, and improve your work efficiency. It can help you quickly complete simple maintenance work.

Ratchet Combination Wrench

You can use a standard plum wrench, but sometimes when you repair a motorcycle, you will find that some vehicle design space can not let you use the open wrench to open, in this case, use a wrench with ratchet combination at one end, then you will find that it saves a lot of time and can complete the work more efficiently!

Rear Parking Frame

With the rear parking frame, you will find that basic maintenance and vehicle cleaning will be much simpler and more convenient, so keep a rear parking frame in the garage for backup is a good idea!

If you are also a motorcycle fanatic, then you can not miss our motorcycle tool. The first reason is for the usual small maintenance of motorcycles. The maintenance of motorcycles is relatively simple, such as changing the oil, cleaning the chains, tightening the screws, etc. It can save money and also a lot of fun. The second is when running for a long distance, you can carry them as an emergency.

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