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What to do when riding too fast into the corner

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For professional racers, cornering is a basic driving skill, and if you can't even negotiate a corner, your career may be over, but for the average rider, there are still techniques for safely cornering a motorcycle.

1. Slow in and fast out, in order to maintain a certain speed through the corner, you must use the slow in and fast out method. The so-called "slow in and fast out" is actually very easy to understand, that is, slowing down in advance to enter the corner at a lower speed, and then speeding up to pass the corner quickly.


2. Big bend through the actual riding motorcycle riders will feel that if the angle of the turn is too small, there will inevitably be difficult to turn the phenomenon, it is necessary to expand the turning radius in order to safely through the curve, so when entering the curve must maintain a reasonable turning radius, if the radius is too small is very difficult to pass safely.

3. pressure bending operation, this technique is relatively difficult to achieve, only through diligent practice to achieve better results, its operation is through the body's swing amplitude, to resist the centrifugal force brought about by turning difficulties, if it is entry-level riders should not easily try.


The above three methods are the most effective techniques for safe cornering, and the average rider can focus on the first and second items, which are easy to master in practice.


When riding on the road, the field of vision is more open, for the front of the situation can react in advance, and can have a high degree of flexibility and space to deal with, whether it is inward dodge or pull the body up to dodge outward are more flexible and have enough space. In the handling of corners, one concept is not to fight the speed of the corner, not to steer at a large angle for a long time, and to always have a retreat to choose from.


All in all, motorcycles must be driven at a reasonable speed, use signals correctly, and make advance judgments in order to ensure normal driving safety.

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