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Motorcycle rainy day riding precautions

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For motorcyclists, rainy days are the biggest test for us, especially for some newbies who are inexperienced in riding in the rain and always prone to such and such problems! This article will share with you a few notes about riding a motorcycle in the rain, so that you can be safe and how to improve the feeling of riding in the rain!


1. Wear the right equipment


Before riding, be sure to familiarize yourself with the weather conditions in advance and have a rain jacket on hand. And, if the body is in a low-temperature state for a long time, it will also affect the attention, so that your reaction becomes slower, and this time once the unexpected happens, your reflection is difficult to reflect as fast as usual!


So it is recommended that you have a split raincoat on hand, do not believe in the rain protection function of cycling clothes, it is only temporary. If you run long distances, the rainproof function of the cycling suit is simply unbearable! Shoes, if there is a pair of water shoes that is excellent!

2. maintain a smooth driving style


Different from the usual, rainy days, the road traction is not enough, if the speed of the case of braking, it is easy to occur the phenomenon of side slip! If your usual driving style is more aggressive, you must keep a "smooth" style when it rains, no sharp braking, no pressure bending, no sharp acceleration, and no sharp up/down shifting.


Although most of the motorcycles are equipped with ABS anti-lock system, there is a guarantee in braking! However, in rainy weather, the braking distance will be longer than on dry roads. If you brake sharply in the rain, the motorcycle's center of gravity will immediately lean forward and the ABS will be triggered, and at that point, the braking ability of the rear wheel will be reduced. Therefore, if you ride in the rain, you must be concerned about a smoothness.

3. pay attention to the road


Rain also has a very big impact on the road surface. When riding, you must avoid roads that are usually more oily (such as a street of fried skewers and the like) or road sections that are under repair, and if you have to pass, then you still have to be careful and try to keep your body upright and your feet ready to support the ground!


So, when you ride in the rain, you must avoid waterlogged roads, choose a higher road surface to drive on, and slow down.



4. to ensure that the field of vision is open


There is nothing worse than having your vision blocked on a rainy day, and this time, if your helmet lenses are still tinted, it will be even worse!

And when riding in the rain, helmet lenses are easy to produce fog, motorists just shake off the lens outside the rain, but also worry about the lens inside the fog! It is recommended that when riding in the rain, the helmet must be left slightly slit, or carry luggage with the lens anti-fog stickers!

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