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How do I choose a motorbike helmet?

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Helmets are definitely at the top of the list when it comes to the importance of motorbike protective gear. Some people may think that because they ride in urban areas, where the roads are shorter and they are familiar with the conditions, they can get away with not wearing a helmet. This is actually the wrong approach. As a rider, we need to make it a point to wear a helmet whenever we ride! Not only is this a sign of being responsible for yourself, it is also the most basic principle of a motorbike rider!

Some people don't wear their helmets in the right way, and some people feel uncomfortable wearing them! There are a number of reasons for this, the first being that the quality of the helmet is not really good, and the size of the helmet is not right! However, one thing you may have missed is that there may also be a problem with the way you wear it! This article summarises three common problems with motorbikes: the correct way to wear a helmet, how to choose a helmet size, and how to make good use of a helmet's air ducts.


1. The correct way to wear a helmet


This phenomenon often occurs when wearing a full helmet or a helmet with the face uncovered. Sometimes you will observe that certain people feel like pulling a carrot when wearing a helmet, straight up and down. And they look awkward when wearing the helmet, or even get the pull ring stuck in the helmet, or even squeeze it into their face!


The correct way to put on this type of helmet is to hold the helmet by the pull ring with both hands and then put it on from the back to the front, i.e. press down from the occipital bone. If you still feel uncomfortable, it is recommended that you put a magic scarf or face shield on your head before putting on the helmet. This way, it's better to get in and out, and your ears and face are more comfortable with the helmet on!

2. the correct choice of size


If the helmet is too big, the protection for the head will be reduced or even disappear. If the helmet is too small, it will be uncomfortable and give you a headache after wearing it for a long time! So, how do you choose a helmet that is the right size for you?


Here we need to know that helmets also come with a size chart. Firstly, we need to get a leather ruler and go around the circumference of the largest part of our head, usually the circle of our eyebrows. Then record the size and use this to check against the helmet size chart to choose the right size helmet for you! Usually, once on, we move the helmet from side to side, aligning the ears behind the helmet's ears. If the skull area is not too tight against the helmet, then the helmet will fit you! If the skull area is too tight, the top of your head will hurt a lot after wearing it for a long time!


3. the role of the helmet air duct


Under normal circumstances, a full helmet usually has three air ducts. Some motorists may simply think that the air ducts only play a simple role of ventilation! In fact, there are three roles of air ducts: defogging, noise reduction and, secondly, ventilation!


Defogging: First of all, the air duct of the helmet has a defogging effect, although the defogging effect is not too obvious, but we also need to know how to use it. If you want to use the air duct to remove fog, then you have to open the front air duct, the top air duct and close the rear air duct. Once the operation is complete, the rapidly rising airflow at this point will effectively remove the fog from the lenses!


Noise reduction: as the name suggests, it's all about keeping things quiet. To achieve noise reduction and silence, you need to close all three air ducts, or just open the rear air duct. The better helmets are very quiet inside the helmet when all the air ducts are closed!


Ventilation: To get good ventilation inside the helmet, you need to open the front and rear ducts and close the top duct, which is the same as the effect of a draught in our house! However, this will make the inside of the helmet noisier!

Helmets are essential protective gear when we ride, so we can't be perfunctory when it comes to choosing a helmet, we must choose a regular brand of helmet, and while we value the appearance, we must also ensure the safety and comfort of the helmet!

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