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Introduction to the principle application method of motorbike rectifiers(2)

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Certain electrical devices will be jake burned and with the passage of time, the battery voltage stabilization performance will gradually lose, the voltage will gradually rise, it is easy to burn certain electrical devices because of the full wave charging easy to overcharge, there is a half-wave charging, that is, only a diode rectifier due to half-wave charging night power is insufficient, so the headlights can only be directly powered by the generator AC, such as the early Suzuki A100, Honda CG125 and other half-wave charging also has problems: daytime driving, the battery is still overcharged. 

motorcycle fairing part

So there is a drain resistor connected to the lighting line, the overcharge resistor fever drain off, in order to avoid overcharging the battery in advance of damage (nor less than the use of the Mizi battery, otherwise extremely easy to charge bad); night driving, low speed headlights dim, and light with the crank speed change, the lighting effect is not ideal, the battery is not less than With the development of electronic science and technology, the emergence of electronic rectifier regulator early rectifier regulator voltage stabilization using parallel mode, that is, clipping short-circuit voltage stabilization such as 12V models, when the output voltage is higher than 15V, the silicon controlled conduction, the input over power silicon controlled grounding, the generator output voltage no longer rise;


When the load voltage drops below 15V, the SCR is turned on and the input current is supplied to the load, so repeatedly that the voltage is basically connected to 15V. This electronic rectifier regulator can be divided into full-wave and half-wave regulator two kinds of full-wave rectifier regulator while the positive and negative half-wave cut voltage regulator, the output of the positive half-wave as well as the negative half-wave are coaxed to give the whole car and battery power supply, energy is more abundant, so the implementation of DC lighting like the car (such as FXD12) Five, QJ12 five, Suzuki King, etc.) half-wave rectifier regulator is to cut the negative half-wave to reach the purpose of voltage stabilization, while the output of the positive half-wave used to charge the battery, this regulator rectifier power supply capacity is poor, not less than the use of DC lighting.


The light brightness can only be changed with the speed of the AC lighting, but the battery is not easy to use some bad motorbikes whether AC or DC power supply, the use of the generator power is basically the same, but the wiring and the use of different rectifiers. 


If you want to change the AC power supply to DC power supply, you only need to change the rectifier and change the route (small power generators are not counted) Some cars have a higher power generation and use the innovative switch-regulated half-wave rectifier, the idling lights are also very bright, there is no need to change the DC. The voltage value when the lights on at night, because of the loss on the route, the battery voltage and the route voltage is different, the route voltage is lower than 15V, the rectifier regulator automatically raise the voltage value, so that the route voltage is always maintained 15V This is very well thought out from a preset point of view, but in fact some batteries due to the route voltage drop is too large, resulting in detection errors resulting in charging voltage is too high and damage.

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