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4 tips to teach you how to effectively reduce your motorbike seat

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When choosing a bike, many motorcyclists look at displacement, cylinder count, performance and appearance! However, for short-legged motorcyclists, the first thing they look for is seat height. So, is there any way to compensate? Well, since we can't change our genetic predisposition, let's start by modifying our motorbikes! This article gives you some ideas on how to effectively reduce the seat height of your motorbike, hopefully it will help you if you are confused!


I. Cutting the seat cushion

This is one of the preferred methods of motorcyclists! There is no choice but to make some sacrifices in terms of comfort in order to be able to ride a motorbike safely! Today's motorbikes use a lot of high elasticity padding in the design of the seat cushion to improve comfort, which makes the cushion wide and thick, and makes the seat height less friendly in order to improve comfort! When cutting the cushion, remember to cut it thin and narrow, don't just reduce the thickness and forget about the width! Remember to try as you go, otherwise you won't get any cushioning at all!

2. Adjusting the shock preload

Most motorbikes nowadays have a mid-mounted monocartridge shock with adjustable preload damping! Preload adjustment, as the name suggests, allows you to make adjustments at any time according to your riding habits and road conditions. In order to reduce the height, some sacrifices had to be made in terms of the vehicle's passability!

3. the addition of a lowering linkage

What it does is to change the length of one or more of the links in the linkage structure, so that the lower pivot point of the shock is lowered, thus lowering the seat height! Compared to adjusting the gearing of the shock and modifying the length of the spring, it can retain the performance of the vehicle to a greater extent, but in this aspect of passability, more or less still some impact!

4. Modified tyres/wheels


Different models have different wheel sizes and different tyre specifications! If the above methods still do not meet your requirements, then you can only start with the wheels and tyres. If you can't meet your requirements, you can only look at the wheels and tyres.


5. wear a pair of thick-soled shoes


If the above methods still do not satisfy you, or you simply do not care to modify. Then, the only way is to buy a pair of thick-soled shoes ...... Although it sounds rather funny, but this is actually one of the most direct, simple and effective methods. But here's the thing, although thick-soled shoes can make you a few centimeters taller, there are safety hazards in this part of shifting! Many people have reported that because their shoes are too thick, they can't fit into the gap between the gear levers when shifting ...... So, there are pros and cons to everything!

These are some of the ways to effectively reduce the seat height of a motorbike at the moment, don't underestimate the need to modify one to reduce it by a few millimetres, if you apply these methods all over again, you can significantly reduce the seat height and make your ride safer.

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